Commercial Cleaning

Caring for a commercial space in Tempe can be overwhelming with even a small property—and if you have a multi-story property? It’s enough to make you think about throwing in the towel. You need professional cleaning services, but not just any will do. Rely on Town & Country Office Cleaning, a local business with a proven history of providing the best commercial cleaning services around. Every single person on our team is bonded, licensed and has the right equipment to make sure your wishes are granted. Whether you want daily cleanings, sanitation and organization or a monthly deep clean (or both), it’s all up to you. We’re just here to clean up.

Maintaining a commercial space from a small office to a entire building is a big undertaking, but we’re up for the job. It can be especially challenging in spaces with a lot of glass, which is why we offer not just glass cleaning with OSHA-approved products but also spot cleaning in high traffic areas so that your space looks brand new when you arrive at work. We perform our magic around your schedule, but many commercial spaces prefer a night cleaning. Voila, upon tenant arrival in the morning, everything is flawless.

Commercial Cleaning in Tempe, Arizona

Town & Country Office Cleaning specializes in commercial cleaning as well as janitorial services and office cleaning. You can choose a pre-made package for daily, weekly or monthly cleanings, or select exactly what options you’d like a la carte style. Maybe you want regular baseboard cleanings, often spill grease in the breakroom or have trouble keeping old toilet fixtures clean and sanitary. We’ll take care of the dirty jobs so you don’t have to.

No matter how much or how little cleaning you’d like, we promise the highest service standard as well as consistency. From one local Tempe business to another, we understand the importance of a perfect impression every single day. You might be trying to fill office space in a multi-unit commercial building, needing to impress an important client or simply have to stay competitive with other commercial builders and landlords. A sparkling building will make that happen.

The Commercial Cleaning Company You Can Trust

We don’t believe in “surface dusting” at Town & Country, and we’ll always pass the white glove test. Dusting to us includes vents, partitions and all those nooks and crannies that are so often forgotten. By only using OSHA-approved disinfectants, we abide by green standards to help keep you and your tenants safe. Just like you, we take our business seriously.