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5 Reasons to Care if Your Office is Clean

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Have you ever walked into an office and it smelled stale? They probably don’t have a cleaning service, or at least not one that works consistently to ensure the highest quality standards. In other words, a cleaning company that cares if your office is clean and not smelling stale…or worse.

Here are a few facts about how clean (or not) your office may be:

  • Office phones have as many as 25,000 germs per square inch.

  • Where you rest your hands on your desk at least 10,000 bacteria, and that’s just the average.

  • Cold and flu virus can survive as many as 18 hours on a hard surface such as a desk, making it more likely to spread from one employee to another.

Here are five reasons to care if your office is clean:

  1. Illness prevention: 72% of workers feel illness spreads through the office and 52% feel bad calling in sick. Maintaining a clean office environment means germs have less of a chance to enter and spread through your staff.

  2. Brand Image: Let’s face it, you don’t want clients to know your brand as the stinky office brand. Invest money into hiring a cleaning crew that can keep your office smelling fresh and looking clean.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: In addition to employees getting sick, you don’t want your customers to get sick or be left with a bad impression of your office. Give them a good experience and they will be sure to refer their friends and colleagues to you.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Set your business apart from the competition by having an office that is comfortable and clean to visit. This is especially important if you’re in a client facing business like law, accounting, or insurance. You don’t want to provide stellar customer service only to be left behind for a competitor just because your office smells stale or the garbage is overflowing.

  5. Consistency: When you hire a team like Town and Country Office Cleaning, you’re hiring a cleaning crew that will provide consistent high quality service. We truly care about our customers and want nothing less than the best for you, your employees, and customers.

It’s worth your investment to care if your office is clean. Contact Town and Country Office Cleaning today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Source: How Clean is Your Office?


Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Companies, regardless of its size, should put cleanliness on top of their priority because this has a major effect on the productivity of the business. For bigger firms and companies, they have more flexible options—they could either opt for an in-house janitorial crew or even outsource a third party provider of commercial cleaning services.

If you’re one of those businesses opting for an outsourced cleaning service, you’ll find that there are a lot of various benefits this investment will offer your company. However, with the countless cleaning service providers out there, it becomes a bit daunting to choose that which is most reliable and effective. Here are some things you need to look into before hiring a cleaning company:

First and foremost, experience is a very important factor to consider before you settle for a company especially in urban areas, and you can always tell if your cleaning services is experienced or not by simply looking at the number of years they’ve spent in the field. Additionally, to supplement their services, they must be experienced with the type of duties needed by your business or else their experience will be useless if they are only experts in areas you don’t require.

A good reputation is also very important to support their credibility, since not all experienced cleaning companies deliver good service. For you to be able to see their reputation, you could ask around or maybe search the internet for customer reviews. Also, you could learn about a company’s reputation by having a word with past or even present clients, who can provide you with firsthand information regarding their experience with the said company.

Now, as for the benefits of hiring a good commercial cleaning service provider, primarily, your building or office space will look and smell great. This is because these companies undergo special trainings to ensure that they will be able to deliver the best in every task they handle. They have the capabilities of cleaning any type of room or any item, which will leave your building looking spectacularly neat. Not only that, they also empty the trash and sanitize all the bathrooms, increasing your workplace’s safety and health standards. Additionally, they will dust all your building’s furniture and vacuum all your carpeted floors to reduce dust irritation and keep steady your productivity. For certain cleaning businesses, they do offer a wide range of services. They will do periodic cleaning to your windows and mirrors including all your blinds and curtains, making your workplace brighter with clear windows and dust-free blinds.

Having a good cleaning service provider is a very good investment, since these guys can definitely clean everything, and by hiring them to do these things for you, you’re going to save one of the most important factors in a business: time. This means that if you opt for a third part cleaning company, your own business doesn’t have to complete these duties and you don’t need to worry about how the building will get cleaned. When your company schedules them to come, they’ll definitely show up and accomplish these mundane tasks for you in an efficient, most comprehensive manner. So if you haven’t gotten yourself a cleaning service yet, it’s time to opt in for one—it will work wonders, that is, if the cleaning company you hire is reliable and trustworthy. So always be careful and do some researching so that you will hire the best!

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

It is not really rare to see companies offering cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments but it is still very important to have a good grasp about the differences of these kinds of cleaning services in order to get a better understanding on why it’s best for you to hire a company which solely focuses on your specific industry or area of need.

If you’re an owner of a cleaning service company yourself, you might also find yourself asking whether to go for residential or commercial cleaning. Both could be a lucrative and fairly strong in terms of its potential, and the only thing you have to consider, first and foremost, is your market and how it bests suits your goals.

Companies who have chosen to offer both commercial and residential services need to have more staff working both day and night. This is due to the fact that for residential clients, they prefer cleaning to take place during the day because they’re at work and their children are in school, while the opposite holds true for commercial and industrial clients—they prefer to have the cleaning at night since both their employees and customers are less likely to be in the building. Furthermore, because the office cleaning occurs at night, security measures and other precautions are followed by the maintenance staff for commercial locations. Actually, this maintenance staff is also trained extensively in order to give additional support for the sake of the building. They are certified in CPR and AODA in order to provide help for both customers and company employees to respond in emergencies.

Another difference between cleaning commercial and residential properties is the way of interaction. In essence, it isn’t really required for the cleaners to make more personal connections with office employees, since efficient cleaning could be achieved only by following standard cleaning procedures. Activities not involved with the cleaning should be avoided, so small talk or socializing isn’t really encouraged. As for residential cleaning, it requires the building of personal connections, since it’s easier for homeowners to trust a cleaning company they could consider as a friend who would care for sentimental items in their house. Thus, commercial cleaning services are much easier to be primed for automation and perform consistently with the proper monitoring and evaluation standards.

The last notable difference between these two is their schedule. Residential clients can request cleaning services “on demand”, which means that they have an option to call a cleaning company if and only if they need its services. As for commercial clients, it’s very important to have a scheduled maintenance program, because it would ensure a clean and consistently sanitary environment for workers so that efficiency and organization are never compromised. The main reason for businesses to lose efficiency is their employees getting sick because of unsanitary work conditions, so good companies hire commercial cleaning companies to review the specifications for the facility’s state, and formulate cleaning plans to ensure the continuity of the business’s operation.

With all the businesses that offer such services, it become difficult to choose one you can trust to do the job right. Some are solely for residential; others are exclusively for commercial, while certain companies pride themselves of being experts in both. Now, as customers, it is now your decision to make. May this information be of great help.