The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleaning

It is not really rare to see companies offering cleaning services to both residential and commercial establishments but it is still very important to have a good grasp about the differences of these kinds of cleaning services in order to get a better understanding on why it’s best for you to hire a company which solely focuses on your specific industry or area of need.

If you’re an owner of a cleaning service company yourself, you might also find yourself asking whether to go for residential or commercial cleaning. Both could be a lucrative and fairly strong in terms of its potential, and the only thing you have to consider, first and foremost, is your market and how it bests suits your goals.

Companies who have chosen to offer both commercial and residential services need to have more staff working both day and night. This is due to the fact that for residential clients, they prefer cleaning to take place during the day because they’re at work and their children are in school, while the opposite holds true for commercial and industrial clients—they prefer to have the cleaning at night since both their employees and customers are less likely to be in the building. Furthermore, because the office cleaning occurs at night, security measures and other precautions are followed by the maintenance staff for commercial locations. Actually, this maintenance staff is also trained extensively in order to give additional support for the sake of the building. They are certified in CPR and AODA in order to provide help for both customers and company employees to respond in emergencies.

Another difference between cleaning commercial and residential properties is the way of interaction. In essence, it isn’t really required for the cleaners to make more personal connections with office employees, since efficient cleaning could be achieved only by following standard cleaning procedures. Activities not involved with the cleaning should be avoided, so small talk or socializing isn’t really encouraged. As for residential cleaning, it requires the building of personal connections, since it’s easier for homeowners to trust a cleaning company they could consider as a friend who would care for sentimental items in their house. Thus, commercial cleaning services are much easier to be primed for automation and perform consistently with the proper monitoring and evaluation standards.

The last notable difference between these two is their schedule. Residential clients can request cleaning services “on demand”, which means that they have an option to call a cleaning company if and only if they need its services. As for commercial clients, it’s very important to have a scheduled maintenance program, because it would ensure a clean and consistently sanitary environment for workers so that efficiency and organization are never compromised. The main reason for businesses to lose efficiency is their employees getting sick because of unsanitary work conditions, so good companies hire commercial cleaning companies to review the specifications for the facility’s state, and formulate cleaning plans to ensure the continuity of the business’s operation.

With all the businesses that offer such services, it become difficult to choose one you can trust to do the job right. Some are solely for residential; others are exclusively for commercial, while certain companies pride themselves of being experts in both. Now, as customers, it is now your decision to make. May this information be of great help.